Q&A with Samantha, Alumni of Foster Care

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Name: Samantha (she/her)

Age: 24

What Type of Caring System were you in?

foster care, supervised independent living

What was your duration of time in care?

14 years

Who is a positive role model/mentor/support system you’ve been able to rely on in care? 

When in foster care, I had supervised independent living (SIL) which helped with an apartment and living expenses.

What is one achievement you’ve made or obstacle you’ve overcome that would not have been possible without your lived experience? 

We were homeless and lived in a shelter while I got on my feet with employment & housing. One achievement is giving my sons a stable home to live.


What are your career and/or educational ambitions? Are these ambitions influenced by your lived experiences? If so, why? 

I am currently enrolled in college for Criminal Justice and Psychology. My dream is to become an FBI agent. Helping people is my goal.

Many people have helped me in life, and I want to give back.


What is a resource that you did not have but feel you and others could benefit from and why? 

Fortunately, I have had many resources in life. I am thankful every day. If you work hard, stay on track, and reach out when you need help – someone will be there.

What is one piece of positive advice you would give a current youth in care? 

Never give up! No matter how hard life gets, it can and will get better.


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